Beth Business Card

About Beth

Beth is a Colorado native and has lived in Grand Junction for over 40 years. Her family has deep roots all over Western Colorado and she has extensive knowledge about the area.  Her understanding of the areas many diverse options will no doubt provide invaluable knowledge and insight to her clients.


Beth has owned and operated a successful small business in Western Colorado for the past 16 years. She is well versed in customer service and strives to exceed every expectation. She has employed many people over the years as well as served many customers. It is with her highest regard that she is able to serve with kindness, skill and integrity regardless of the size of transaction.


Beth’s biggest triumph is her family. She has been married 24 years to Matt and has three children. With both sides of the families being from Grand Junction family get-togethers and functions are numerous. Sean and Shafer are both students at Colorado Mesa University and Taylor is a sophomore at Grand Junction High School.  Her pride and love for her family is her driving factor to success. Love of family is truly her inspiration.

Beth Rubalcaba