An open house can be the selling point for potential buyers, and most sellers understand the importance of staging a home properly. However, few homeowners want to spend a great amount of money redecorating their homes. The good news is, there are several ways for sellers to stage their homes beautifully without reaching too deeply into their pockets.

Do some research

For homeowners who are unsure how they should stage their homes, speaking with a real estate professional is the first step. Real estate agents have most likely attended several open houses and have unique insight into what buyers may be looking for. In addition, homeowners themselves may benefit from venturing out to staged model homes or open houses in the area, and examining the techniques other sellers are using.

Sellers should first rely on what they have

Before going out and purchasing a new living room set, sellers should focus on decluttering their homes, cleaning it until it’s spotless and making any necessary repairs or alterations before purchasing new items. They may find that they already have all the items they need to stage their properties. If not, all the legwork will be done and sellers will have a better idea of what they are lacking before they seek out accent pieces, plants and other popular staging products.

In addition, rearranging a room to highlight certain areas or making the room feel more spacious can also have a great effect on a home staging. For example, framing a living room around bay windows and adding a bookcase or two to a home office can make a room look more appealing.

Focus on subtle changes

Homeowners who still feel their home needs sprucing up should explore small changes that may change the look of a room. For example, adding a fresh coat of paint (many suggest a neutral shade), purchasing updated kitchen appliances and putting in new lights, doors or window treatments can have a profound effect on a room. Purchasing small items, such as colorful picture frames, books and lamps may also make a staged home appear more warm and lived-in.

Lastly, homeowners who are staging on a budget may also consider borrowing small accent pieces from friends and family to cut the costs of purchasing new items.

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